Grease N’ Grind Burgers

Progressive Burgers, Fries & Shakes from around the world

The Grease N’ Grind food trucks are distinctive to Australia’s food truck scene serving up mouthwatering burgers, shakes and fries. The Grease N’ Grind food trucks are 1976 Dormobile Kombi Camper and matte black trailer which have been converted to become some of the most iconic food trucks on the street of Sydney and attend major large-scale events to feed the thousand attendees. We have a capacity to turn over up to 750 serves per hour with menu that can be tailored to suit any dietary requirements, and on some occasions have been tweaked to fit the theme. Our dedicated team are also more than happy to dress the part! Have your very own food truck roll up to your festivities, offices or private parties.

Cheese Burger
Grilled beef, American cheese, crispy bacon, pickled jalapeno, chipotle mayo, iceberg lettuce, tomato, GNG Sauce on a soft brioche bun

Chilorio pulled pork, Mexican slaw, queso fresco, chipotle mayo, coriander on a soft brioche bun

J Burger
Panko crumbed chicken, Japanese curry, miso caramelised onion, daikon, kewpie mayo, lettuce, tomato on soft brioche bun

K Burger
Korean fried chicken or Spicy Pork Belly, kimchi, pickles, sesame emulsion & gochujang mayo on soft brioche bun

Spiced pulled chicken, ajvar, tabouleh, red cabbage, pickles, tahini sauce on soft brioche bun

Battered soft shell crab, slaw, chipotle mayo on a soft brioche bun

Grilled tofu, mushroom, miso, caramelised onion, Kewpie mayo, lettuce on soft brioche bun

GNG Cheesy Fries
Melted cheese, shoe-string chips with GNG Seasoning

GNG Bacon Fries
Crumbed Bacon, melted cheese on shoe-string chips with GNG Seasoning

GNG Loaded Fries
Pulled Pork, Jalapeno, Coriander, Chipotle mayo on shoe-string chips with GNG Seasoning

Sweet potato wedges
Deep-fried sweet potato, yoghurt, dukkah salt

Pork Crackles

Fried Chicken Skins

Classic Chocolate or Vanilla Shakes
Made with full cream ice-cream

Latino Shakes
Made with Mango ice-cream, condensed milk

J Shakes
Made with Matcha green tea ice-cream

K Pop Shakes
Made with Black sesame ice-cream

Pacifica Shakes
Made with Coconut ice-cream