De Wafel

Discover the joy of a hot, crispy waffle, kissed by caramelised sugar and delicious toppings. Freshly baked at our vintage De Wafel caravan!

Our mission is to have every Sydneysider discover the temptation and joy of our authentic, freshly baked Belgian Waffles. Traditional recipes, local ingredients and a funky twist – if there is a heaven De Wafel caravan is surely parked outside!

De Liège Wafel is made with rich vanilla beans and pearl sugar that caramelises on the hot waffle iron, creating a dense sugary waffle, full in flavour.

De Brussels Wafel – this is the light and crispy one! It has deep pockets for loads of toppings like fresh berries or bananas, Nutella, whipped cream and of course delicious Belgian chocolate.