Welcome to Food Trucks United

Food Trucks United is the most comprehensive food truck network and an integrated management institution providing total services related to the food truck industry. Food Trucks United has also established itself as the authority body which represents food truck operators and aims to continuously provide opportunities and facilitate solutions to food truck industries.

It is a collaborative marketing brand and initiative to promote the rapidly growing food truck movement by providing commercial and promotional avenues utilising various media and marketing platforms such as events, social media, active group participation at festivals, publications and broadcasts.

Booking & Events Services

Our integrated booking & events services include handling of administration, compliances, logistics, correspondences, site management and production services. Our team is highly experienced in providing all the support needed to ensure your project runs smoothly and effortlessly.

Food Trucks United at Events, Festivals and Exhibitions

Considering Food Trucks United for your event, festival or exhibition? We are able to undertake all aspects of event management including site management, liaison, logistics, administration, compliances requirements and entertainment. Our partners provide credible event logistics and production services to ensure the integration of all event requirements. Each participating food truck can also feature its own uniquely-themed sustainable furniture and entertainment.

Food Trucks United at Corporate functions, Sports or Private events

Do you have a special event or party coming up that needs quick, affordable and delicious food? If so, let our booking partner Food Truck Corp bring the food with or without the top trucks to your function or event so you can cater for your guests without blowing the budget.

Food Trucks United Lunch Pop-Up at Corporate offices and Business precincts

Get access to the top mobile food vendors for your office or business. Food Trucks United will bring new gourmet offerings and add diversity to your lunch time at or around your office areas.

Food Trucks United at Community places

If you are a part of communities who intend to raise funds for your organisations, Food Trucks United is a big supporter of this idea. Food Trucks United will pop up at your community places and donate partly from our trade back to your organisations.

Food Truck Rentals

Our hire/rental division provides a selection of the newest and largest fleet of food trucks available anywhere. Our fleet of food trucks include food vans/trailers/carts and truck mounted or shipping container mobile kitchens which are easy, economical and efficient to transport, even to the most remote location. Our fleet of food trucks are state-of the art commercial grade mobile kitchens equipped with industry leading equipment, and designed for a versatile range of uses.

We can tailor a competitive rental package to suit your needs for various hire terms from 24 hours, weekly, monthly, quarterly or yearly.

Branded Food Trucks

Food Trucks United is able to customise the food truck visually to suit your brand ID and logos.

Design & Project Management

Food Trucks United’s specialised design division, is dedicated to working with clients in a personalised manner to assist them in developing their conceptual ideas and making them a reality. From initial concept design, plant & equipment selection, strategic planning, budget monitoring, technical implementation/ application and project management, right through to actual project delivery and retail/operational management. We ensure using credible brand equipment for reliability and meet local food authority compliance.

Industry Partners

Food Trucks United has also established partnerships and affiliations with various entities to assist those who require food truck related services.


Food Trucks United promotes Sustainable Sourcing, Efficiency and Responsible Energy Usage

Food Trucks United ensures promotion of menus based entirely on freshly prepared meal options with a complete absence of energy intensive pre-processed ‘fast food’, and is committed to the use of locally grown and sourced produce wherever possible. All non-food based consumables used by participants are also recyclable, refillable and/or contain a minimum of 25% post-consumer recycled content.

Food Trucks United cares for Local Community & Social Responsibility

Food Trucks United concentrates its efforts to better identify specific priority needs in every place of operation. Through the priority areas of activity: Education, Health, Safety and Social Promotion, we strive to ensure the economic wellbeing of these communities. It favours projects that become self-sustainable after initial support, in order to reach a maximum number of beneficiaries.

Our social strategy is to set up collaborative initiative with community organisations and charity partners to maximise the potential of each community, respecting their specific needs and empowering local resources. We promote entrepreneurship in the communities by helping people develop their own talents. This is the surest way to enhance quality of life and to make a sustainable contribution to ongoing development.

The event continuously pushes its boundaries and mission to establish awareness and to give back to these beneficiaries by raising funds. We encourage event patrons to join us in caring for the community in which we belong.

Food Trucks United is big on Sustainability & Environment

Environmental sustainability is a core principal for Food Trucks United and forms an integral part of operations at both our central office and event sites. Food Trucks United is committed to continuous promotion of this sustainability aspect with participating food trucks encouraged to service their fleet trucks at regular intervals to ensure claimed efficiency and emissions are adhered to at all times.

Food Trucks United also continuously promotes and encourages Sustainable Travel such as walking, cycling, public transport or car sharing as this helps reduce traffic congestion and eases parking pressure.