The Fired Up

Grilled Skewers and Crackles from Around The World

The Fired Up Food Trucks are distinctive to Australia’s food truck scene serving up grass roots charcoal flame grilled and fried skewers, crackles and fries from around the world.

Simple, rustic, with tempting aromas and bold flavours – these are the hallmarks of Fired-Up fares. Age-old street food favourites, these internationally-inspired fried & charcoal flame grilled meat-on-sticks draw flavour profiles from around the globe, enriched by the pungent, earthy flavors of spice pastes, and the essences of rubs and dipping sauces accompanied with assortment of crackles, sauces and our own signature seasoned crispy fries.

One of the Fired Up food trucks, the Kombi is a vintage 1976 Dormobile Kombi Camper which has been converted to become one of the most iconic food truck on the street of Sydney and attends major large-scale events to feed the thousand attendees.

We have a capacity to turn over up to 500 serves per hour with menu that can be tailored to suit any dietary requirements, and on some occasions have been tweaked to fit the theme. Our dedicated team are also more than happy to dress the part!

Have your very own Fired Up Food Truck roll up to your festivities, offices or private parties.


Grilled Skewers
+The Fired Up Signature Charcoal Grilled Skewers – Pork & Chicken
+ Pinchos Grilled Chorizo Skewers, chimmichurri
+ Chicano Grilled Bacon-wrapped Jalapeño Poppers Skewers, Chipotle mayo
+ Yakitori Grilled Chicken Skewers, teriyaki sauce, kewpie mayo, nori, shichimi togarashi
+ Souvlaki Grilled Lamb Skewers, tzatziki
+ Sate Grilled Chicken Skewers, peanut sauce, bawang goreng, kecap manis, lime
+ Bratwurst Grilled Bratwurst Sausage Skewers, sauerkraut
+ Chipotle Grilled Chicken Skewers, Guacamole, Lime, Spicy Chipotle sauce
+ Tom Yum Grilled Tom Yum Prawn Skewers, Lime
+ Corn Grilled Corn Skewers, seasoned salt, grated cheese
+ Vege Grilled Vege skewers, haloumi, mushroom, tofu, asparagus or seasonal vegetables

Fried Skewers
+ Kushiage Crumbed Snapper, Crumbed Squid Skewer, Jap Curry Sauce
+ Takoyaki Deep fried squid balls Skewer, Kewpie mayo, Nori, Bonito
+ MuayThai Lemongrass Thai Fish Cakes Skewer, Sriracha, Lime
+ YumCha Dim Sum, Dumpling Skewer, Szechuan Chilli Oil
+ Spring Rolls Deep fried spring rolls on Skewer, Sweet Chilli
+ Curry Fish Balls Fish balls dipped in curry sauce on Skewer

Fries & Crackles
+ The Fired Up Loaded Fries Crispy seasoned Chips, Spicy Mayo, Bacon Crumble
+ Chilli pork crackles
+ Crispy Pork Crackles
+ Fried Chicken Skin Crackles
+ Kerupuk Crackers
+ Cassava Chips (V)

+ Jasmine Rice
+ Fresh Salad
+ Glass Noodle Salad
+ The Fired Up Chips