Pan-Asian BBQ, bao and food in small bites

Tsuru Food Truck with its custom iconic truck brings to the streets of Sydney the much celebrated Asian cuisine in its most über-hip form.

Steamed buns are at the heart of Tsuru’s award-winning menu, a local interpretation of Pan-Asian street food that promises to be always fresh, alive with flavours, fast and easy to eat on the go.

Shaped like a half-moon, the soft pillowy steamed buns sandwich a variety of fillings – from the signature BBQ Pork Belly Bun, BBQ Chicken Teriyaki to roast duck with lychees and our infamous vegetarian option Shiitake & Teriyaki Tofu Bun. The toppings are also available to be served on beds of steamed jasmine rice, our signature Tsuru chips and fresh salad.

The rest of the menu pays homage to different parts of Asia, including roast duck pancakes, chicken satay sticks, lamb skewers and Asian desserts, including pandan pancakes and salted palm sugar ice cream buns.

Australia’s Best Lunch Roll 2012
Specialty Sandwich of the Year 2012
Australia’s Best Toasted Sandwich 2012

– BBQ Hot & Spicy Pork Belly: Bun, Bun + Chips Combo, Rice, on Chips, Salad
– BBQ Teriyaki Chicken: Bun, Bun + Chips Combo, Rice, on Chips, Fresh Salad
– Shiitake & Teriyaki Tofu (V): Bun, Bun + Chips Combo, Rice, on Chips, Salad
– Tsuru Chips (V)
– Tsuru Pork Crackles
– Tsuru Cassava Chips (V)

Specialty Bao:
– Black pepper beef + kimchi
– Roast duck + lychee
– Chilli Tofu (V)
– Eggplant sambal (V)
– Assorted mushroom (V)

Wraps & Rolls:
– Roast Duck Pancake
– Lamb Rendang Rice Wrap
– Balinese Lemongrass Chicken Roll
– Prawn Rice Paper Roll (GF)
– Tofu rice paper rolls (V, GF)
– Avocado rice paper rolls (V, GF)

Grilled Skewers:
– Grilled Pork Skewers + kecap Manis
– Grilled Chicken Skewers + Peanut Sauce

Deep Fried:
– Salt & Pepper Squid, Sriracha Mayo
– Scallop Ceviche
– Chicken mid-wings, Sriracha mayo [5x]
– Seaweed + vermicelli rolls, Kewpie mayo [8x] [V]
– Tsuru chips, curry dipping sauce

Sliders & Salads:
– Soft Shell Crab Slider
– Roast Pork Slider
– Roast Duck Salad (GF)
– Salt & pepper squid Salad

Vegetarian Menu:
– Enoki mushroom pancake wrap
– Vegetarian san choy bau
– Balinese lemongrass tofu roll
– Tofu rice paper rolls (GF)
– Avocado rice paper rolls (GF)
– Teriyaki tempeh slider
– Pumpkin croquette slider
– Pumpkin croquettes salad
– Vermicelli + green apple salad
– Sambal eggplant Bun
– Assorted mushroom Bun

Vegetarian Sides:
– Pumpkin croquettes, Japanese curry
– Crumbed okras, Sriracha mayo
– Seaweed + vermicelli rolls, sweet chilli sauce
– Spring rolls, sweet chilli sauce
– Tsuru chips, curry dipping sauce

– Pandan Pancake with Chocolate, Nuts & Cheese fillings
– Salted Palm Sugar Ice Cream Bun with Coconut Praline
– Coconut panna cotta, seasonal fruits
– Matcha + white chocolate truffles